Restoration managementMonitoring the restoration process

Having your car restored by a knowledgeable restorer is an interesting journey, both for you and your car. We can take care of the whole process for you, starting by selecting the appropriate candidates to do the job and making the contractual arrangements. We will stay on top of the whole process and keep track of timing and administration. Every decision will be discussed with you and we will give you feedback on a regular basis. Please ask for more information.

Restoration of a very rare 1950 Cisitalia 202 Cabriolet by Stabilimenti Farina

The Cisitalia was in a good condition and very low mileage, however we decided to turn the car back to its original configuration and color.
The car was stripped and we searched for the original color as we were quite sure it wasn’t red when new. We found the original blue so we decided to turn the car to blue again. Nearly no metal work was needed. The original bumpers were sourced from another car and the copied in wood as to make a perfect fit to the car. Then manufactured and chromed to perfection.

All electrics were checked and replaced and a new original type wiring loom was manufactured in the car. The lovely original leather interior was carefully taken apart and cleaned. The hood and carpets were renewed.

Meanwhile all mechanics were taken apart and new parts manufactured to measure. The engine was completely rebuilt and bench tested before fitting back in the restored car. All suspension and brakes were rebuilt. A new pigeon wheel was fitted. The gearbox had already been rebuilt by us.

The Borrani wire wheels had been rebuilt by Borrani. Original parts were sourced which were incorrect or missing to the Cisitalia. Much attention to detail is needed with a car like this.

When the car was finished and inspected, it was time for serious road testing.

Alex drove around 500 km with the car so minor faults could be adressed to and the car would immediately be ready to use in a 1000 km rally for the owner.

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