AboutVery Superior Old Cars

We would like to introduce our team to you.

32 years of unrivaled quality in our services to our clients.

Alex von Mózer MsC

Lifelong car enthusiast and owner of VSOC. Grew up with fast cars and clearly remembers seeing his first Ferrari Dino 246 GT in Italy when he was only 4 years old. Father of 2 lovely girls. Always very busy with the client in mind. Enjoys sports, racing and rallying.

Rogier Postma

Sales consultant. Rogier is part of team VSOC for more than 12 years and spends much of his time researching about the cars for sale. Concours judge and always eager to learn. Great tennis player.

Jasper van Leeuwen

Marketing and social media. Nearly finishing his study. Jasper is always calm and in control. Enjoys playing football.

Olivier Pruymboom

Social media. Student of marketing and economics. Olivier started at VSOC in 2019, he always has interesting ideas and a natural flair.

Arjen Schepen MsC

History researcher. Mille Miglia, Alfa Romeo and Porsche enthusiast. Always searching for interesting details!

René van Bellen

Our Italian correspondent and now semi-retired. Excellent racing instructor who really knows how to handle cars, especially Porsches and Alfa Romeos.

On behalf of the team

Finally a big thank you to the excellent mechanics in our own motor valley: Kees, Jan, Jorrit, Ruud, René, Erik, René and Cees.