Retromobile 2022

Finally after 2 years the Parisian show was held again

Finally after 2 years the Parisian show was held again.
Although the show was not a big as it used to be it was great to see many cars and many new and familiar faces. What we noticed was that business was brisk and that it was very very busy with visitors.

We love to show you some of the highlights we saw. A spectacular array of McLaren F1 ‘s was organized by our friends at Kidston, complete with Beatles section. Amazing French Voiturettes were on display swell as Gordini’s. Spectacular Bandini’s were in the Artcurial auction among several nice Bugatti’s although reconstructions as this lovely Coup√©.

Paris is not only about cars but also about the open air museum it is. We enjoy our morning jog’s in the Tuileries. And Paris is about going out and enjoying great food. Glad to be back at Retro.

Paris a la prochaine fois!