1994 Ferrari 348 Spider

The SilverGrey Ferrari Collection | Benefits from a recent major service
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The SilverGrey Ferrari Collection

Offered on behalf of a lifetime Ferrari aficionado. Interesting Ferrari collection with successive mid-engined V8 Spiders from 1979 until 2006, beautifully finished in Grigio and Argento.

For the first time in the history of VSOC, we offer an entire collection on behalf of one owner. This collection is special because all the cars fit well into the same theme: V8 Ferrari and low mileage.  All but one are with manual gearboxes, European versions and all are in lovely condition and properly serviced. Do call us and ask for Rogier or Alex. We are happy to inform you!

Open sports cars are an integral part of Ferrari tradition: the first Ferrari ever to be built was an open sports car. In the 1960’s, Ferrari revealed its first mid-engine sports car. This inspired a series of iconic mid-engined road cars. A company famous for its beautiful and successful front-engined sports cars, soon became synonymous with its equally eye-catching and successful mid-engined sports cars. Ferrari’s first road-going mid-engined production sports car was the Dino 206 GT. Even more significant was the 308 GTB launched in 1975. It began an uninterrupted bloodline of V8-powered mid-engined sports cars that continues today.

The SilverGrey Ferrari Collections includes

  • 1979 Ferrari 308 GTS manual | SOLD
  • 1986 Ferrari 328 GTS manual
  • 1994 Ferrari 348 Spider manual
  • 1995 Ferrari F355 Spider manual | SOLD
  • 2003 Ferrari F360 Spider manual | SOLD
  • 2006 Ferrari F430 Spider paddle shift | SOLD

Model history

The spiders built by Ferrari have always been a perfect expression of their sporting heritage. It was this very heritage that inspired Pininfarina stylists as they set about designing the spider to clothe the refined 348 series chassis.

This example

This specific Ferrari 348 Spider was built in 1994 and delivered new through Ferrari Garage Francorchamps to Brugge, Belgium on the 1st of March in 1994. The car remained in Belgium until 2021 when the car was acquired by VSOC for the current Dutch owner, an important Ferrari collector.

As the car had not been used for a few years a major service was required. In august 2021, a big service was done at our friends at Dutch Ferrari Specialists Forza. The belts were replaced, airconditioning repaired, electrics system repaired, the valves were adjusted and all seals were renewed. Brakes checked, new tires were fitted and the fuel pump was replaced. The invoice was Euro 15.400,-. More recently had a check at the Ferrari dealer. Since then the car has been driven for just over 500 km.

Comes with several maintenance invoices, the Ferrari manuals, including the ‘Certificato di Mantenuzione’ and the leather tool kit. The documentation file shows that this car was well maintained in Belgium at the Ferrari dealer. Dutch (ECC) registered and APK (like MOT/TUV) until July 2024.

Beautifully finished in ‘Argento’ with a red leather interior. A most amazing colour combination. This car is a joy to drive and has only 52.000km recorded.

The price is Euro 95.000,-.

Please ask for more information or more pictures as required.

Pictures: Jeroen Vink for VSOC 2023. Source Archivo Ferrari

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