1968 Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior

Superb and very original example, hard to find this good. Comes with a well documented ownership history
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According to the Centro Documentazione Alfa Romeo, this specific Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior was produced on the 21th of June in 1968 and sold to Velletri (near Rome), Italy. The car was distributed by Alfa Romeo dealer Palombo & C. srl and sold to its first owner Mr. Sante for the price of 1.595.000 Italian Lire. Mr. Sante kept the car until the 23th of January 1976 when he sold it to Mr. R. Cesare from Velletri. Just a month later, the car was sold to Mr. Enzo, also from Velletri, who kept the car 6 years. In October 1982, this GTA was bought by the distributor Palombo & C. srl. In 2002 the car was still owned by Palombo and still had its first Italian registration number (RomaD07190). In 2002 the car was exported to Japan.

The car was first registered in Japan in May 2003. The car was then owned by a Mr. Yuuko (or Hiroko?) Torii from Nishio-city, Aichi Prefecture. The last Japanese owner was Cristal Eight from Yashio-City, Saitama Prefecture. On the 7th of August in 2016, the car was exported back to Europe for the current owner. The car was then registered in Germany of which the TUV records are on file. The owner drove the car only a few times and the car was carefully stored in his collection until now. In 2011 mileage was only 94.100 km. Now recorded mileage is 97.100 km.

We are pleased to offer you this wonderful very early GTA 1300 Junior on behalf of its owner. It is no secret that we love Alfa Romeo at VSOC and this car ticks all the right boxes. The car is remarkably original, both the exterior and interior are in wonderful condition. The panel fit is correct and the old dealer sticker is still on the rear bumper! The car has a strong engine and the gearbox is shifting smoothly. Handling of the car is razor sharp and the engine sound is something which can only be created by Italians..

This wonderful GTA has a nice ownership history and has obviously been well taken care of. In the file is a ‘Certificato di Origine’ from Alfa Romeo, Automobile Club d’Italia (ACI) homologation papers, Italian registration records and export documents, brochures, instruction books and manuals (see pictures).

Dutch registered and presented as ordered new in ‘Rosso Alfa’ with a Skai Nero (black) interior. Will you be the new caretaker?

This is a car destined for those with racing in their blood!

Price please ask, thank you!

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Model history

The Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior was particularly intended for sport customers owing to its brilliant performances. GTA stands for Gran Turismo Alleggerita. The model was announced in early June 1968 and based on the Sprint 1600 GT Coupe. The GTA 1300 Junior had a body shell made of lightweight high strength alloy and was fitted with a new twin ignition oversquare engine of smaller capacity, giving the car an amazing high revving character. Like the 1600 GTA its main feature is its lightweight high-strength alloy (Peraluman 25) body. This and other measures adopted in the fittings – seats, interior panelling and accessories – make for considerable weight saving. The whole body is attached with rivets to the chassis. And did you know that the spare wheel well is alloy instead of steel. Many options could be ordered like magnesium parts for the engine, gearbox ratios and extra oil cooler etc.

This is a car with competition characteristics: and it shows. Apart from the two colored stripes and the Quadrifoglio on either side of the car it also shows the Alfa insignia, the Visconti Serpent – symbol of a noble tradition – on the bonnet. Although some clients preferred the car without its striping. Only three months from the official presentation, its victories enabled the achievement of supremacy in its class. The competition version by Autodelta was capable of producing almost 160 bhp at 8300 rpm and reaching 210 kph. Of these modified cars 200 were produced with carburetor engines and 100 with Alfa-Spica indirect fuel injection. Tuners all went over the engine, bodywork and suspension and many raced intensively.

The alloy 1290cc engine was changed in proportions to make it oversquare (cilinder diameter larger than piston stroke). In this case 78mm x 67,5mm. In addition a double-ignition cylinder head was fitted with larger inlet and exhaust valves improving the speed and completeness of combustion efficiency. The standard Stradale thus offered 110 SAE HP out of its 1290 cc engine, enabling 175 km/h.

The high-performance characteristics of the engine are supplemented by the new input and exhaust manifolds, two oversize Weber 45 DCOE 18 twin-choke carburetors, two electric fuel pumps and a whole set of special engineering features improving engine operation and efficiency and ranging from the large capacity magnesium alloy oil sump to the 5-speed close-ratio gearbox. The differential can be fitted with a limited system for even better road-holding on bends while accelerating and gear-ratios can be changed for competition purposes.

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