1960 Jaguar XK 150 Roadster

Original Dutch supplied Jaguar XK 150 Roadster from 1960. Finished in black with a red leather interior
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Model history

When the Jaguar XK120 was launched in 1948, it was unique. The new Jaguar sports car brought racing car performance to the road, yet it did so with a level of comfort and sophistication unknown in such a vehicle. The car was intended for limited production only to try out Jaguar’s new twin overhead camshaft engine, designated during design and development by the initials ‘XK’. The pioneering XK120 was succeeded by the XK140 in 1954. Essentially the same concept, the XK140s were themselves superseded in 1957 by the XK150s.

The method of construction of the XK150 was very similar of the 140, but most panels were rather different in shape. The most obvious change was the considerable straightening of the wing line. The appearance was modernized significantly by the adoption of a one-piece windscreen and the wider bonnet made it far easier to work on the engine. While the XK150 was a little old-fashioned in the late fifties with its separate chassis and live rear axle, performance was gradually boosted. The car benefitted from the real advantage and prestige of having new disc brakes.

The Jaguar XK150 was produced in 3 body configurations: as a Open Two-Seater (OTS), a Fixed-Head Coupé (FHC) and as a Drophead Coupé (DHC). Initially two versions of the XK engine were available, and later several more. The XK150 Roadster was introduced 10 months after the other models, in March 1958.

The appeal of XK’s today is probably based on such intangibles as nostalgia and style, but they can be very practical cars. The performance, even by today’s standards, is highly respectable. These cars are still very quick in the right hands!

This example

This particular Jaguar XK150 Roadster was built on the 12th of September in 1960 and was originally delivered via Lagerwij’s, The Hague, to its first owner in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The car always remained in Holland and still has its original 1960 Dutch license plates. In 1988 the car was restored by Dutch Jaguar specialists Piet Zwakman. Piet was famous for his special attention to detail for restoring Jaguar XK’s. In 2000 the car was acquired for the previous owner, who sold it to the current owner in 2014. VSOC handled both sales so we have known this Jaguar for a long time. The owner enjoyed this Jaguar in Switzerland and last participated at the Gstaad Yacht Club Rally in 2022. The car was very well maintained and with the car comes a nice documentation file with several invoices and the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust Certificate. Since 2014 the owner spent in total 45.000 euro on maintenance. In 2019, electric power steering (EPS) was installed and in 2020 a Getrac 5-speed gearbox was fitted. The same year a new mohair hood was also fitted. In 2022 the car was valued for insurance at 140.000 euro.

Very recently (February 2023) the engine was freshly rebuilt by at well known classic cars specialists van Egmond and machining work at van Rhijn (invoices for 18.000 euro). The exterior was professionally detailed. The engine will need running in as the car came straight to us after the engine rebuilt.

The roadster version is the rarest and probably most appealing XK150 model. This XK150 benefits from a fresh engine rebuilt, 5-speed gearbox and electric power steering, a wooden Moto-Lita steering wheel and a tonneau cover. If preferred, the power steering can be removed.

Price is euro 145.000,-.

This uprated XK150 Roadster is a delight to drive with easy handling, easy gear change and a nice and powerful 3.4 Litre engine. Beautifully finished in black with an original dark red leather interior.

Please ask for our walk-around and driving video or more pictures as required.

This car is currently not in Sassenheim so please call for more information.

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