1970 Lancia Rally 1.6 HF Fulvia Fanalone

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The simple yet beautiful Lancia Fulvia was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show of 1963 and produced until 1976. In 1965, Lancia introduced a 2+2 coupé version of the Fulvia saloon designed in-house by Piero Castagnero, who also designed the Saloon.
Fulvias are notable for their role in motorsport history, including winning the International Rally Championship in ’72. The works team secured a handful of wins at World Championship level before the arrival of the 1.6 HF. Combining a light weight with front-wheel drive, the Fulvia utilized a narrow V-configuration 4-cylinder engine mounted in front of the front axle.
The Rallye 1.6 HF was build from 1969 until 1970. It was an updated version of the Rallye 1.3 fitted with the all-new 818.540 1,584 cc engine producing 114 hp at 6000 RPM. Other modifications included negative camber front suspension geometry, a close ratio 5 speed gearbox and wheel arch extensions.
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