1951 Fiat 500 C Topolino ex-Mille Miglia ’53

Original Mille Miglia participant in 1953: Very charming Fiat 500 C Topolino. NEW PRICE!
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Topolino is Italian and translates literally as ‘little mouse’. The Fiat 500 ‘Topolino’ was launched in 1936 and was one of the smallest cars in the world. Three models were produced until 1955. The final model C was introduced in 1949 and used the same 569cc four-cylinder overhead-valve engine as the model B. The Fiat 500 became one of the most iconic and well known cars all over the world.

The Fiat 500 Topolino is not that rare, but this example definitely is. Most noticeable is its Mille Miglia history in 1953. Gentleman drivers Arturo Giacomelli & Antonio Gemo from Padova pushed the Topolino to its limits over the beautiful Italian roads and finished after 18h38m58s. Despite a time difference of 8h1m39s with the winning Ferrari 340 Spider of Marzotto & Crosara, the Topolino finished 263th overall and 47th in Categoria Turismo Internazionale Classe 750 cmc.

After having spent all its life in Italy with owners in Padova, Vicenza and Terricciola, she was exported to the Netherlands in 2018. The car was prepared for Mille Miglia and its current Dutch owner participated three times in the Mille Miglia. Now the car is looking for its new caretaker.

Mille Miglia results

  • 1953 XX Mille Miglia, #45 Giacomelli & Gemo. Result: 263 overall, 47th in class
  • 2018 Mille Miglia, #213. Result: 196th overall
  • 2019 Mille Miglia, #200. Result: DNF
  • 2021 Mille Miglia, #179. Result: 140th overall

This might not be the fastest car to participate in the Mille Miglia, but it definitely is one of the most charming ones. This little Fiat is accepted in the Registro Mille Miglia as an original participant which is needed to be able to participate again. With the car comes an extensive file showing period pictures, Italian ownership, ASI papers, FIVA papers, Registro Mille Miglia papers and Dutch registration.

Very well prepared condition. Since 2018, more than 16.000,- euros have been spent on the mechanics.

Will you be the one to race this car again?

New price is Euro 95.000,-.

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