Mille Miglia 2011 Alex von Mozer-Maarten Brandt startnummer 143

We were very pleased to be at the Mille Miglia this year with my Alfa 1900 C Sprint Touring Coupe 1951/2. Being one of the oldest 1900 Touring coupe's on the planet and possibly the oldest Touring Coupe in driving condition! At thursday all competitors have their cars sealed in the centre of Brescia and can chat all day with friends and visitors.

In between, we had a nice lunch at the roof terrace of the best hotel in town, offered by our good friends at State of Art.

At the Mille Miglia museum all cars come together in the late afternoon for an excellent diner buffet! A good chance to look at all the interesting cars!

At about 1900 hrs. all cars gather before the start at the Viale Venezia. Here i have fond memories of my good friend Toni.

Some more great pictures of our participation at the 2011 Mille Miglia. Please see here how our friend Leonardo makes room for us in the traffic. He would stay with us the 1st and 2nd day and most of the remaining of the third day!

Going into the mountains meant snow and temperatures dropping quickly! In front of us the ladies in the Aston DB3.

The grand finish in Rome and the tour of Rome's highlights at midnight! What a fantastic Museum Rome is. After this we had a lovely (02.00 hrs.)dinner with friends at the Ritz. And the wakeup call was again at 0515 hrs.!

The saturday morning we had a regularity test at the famous Circuito di Vallelunga!

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