Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance 2019

In August every year enthusiasts eagerly await Car Week in Monterey including Pebble Beach and Carmel.

This year was very sunny and warm with beautiful sunrises and sunsets and great cars.

Alex started at Laguna Seca where some serious and fun cars were combined on track.

Cars you don't see racing in Europe as Kurtis or Allard. Or heavy Corvettes. On monday the Quail rally event started and many friends and familiar faces showed up! We had a lovely lunch at Bog Sur where i was priviliged to drive in our friends gorgeous Ferrari 250 GT Europa!

On tuesday its the Concours in Carmel. Very sympathetic with some very nice and again strange or fun cars.

A super nice Osca MT4 Berlinetta won best of show. Friends of ours also won some prizes.

The Mille Miglia team was around from Italy as was the Ferrari Classiche team.

From wednesday on it was show time for the 3 big auction houses. All had their cars nicely lined up.

Wednesday Alex also drove the Fiat 8 V Elaborata Zagato which our friends had entered for Pebble, a 17 mile drive to test if all worked well and it did although the brakes peeped!

Wednesday evening a nice party is held at the Jet centre with some cars between the planes and music, all for charity.

Thursday morning very early most Pebble Beach concours contenders line up for a tour and this is great to see them in action and wave them out.

Then it is auction time with multiple auctions at the same time. With some cars more famous than others.

On sunday the day starts again very early and the super Fiat 8V got a third price in the preservation class, well done for a great and so original car with an important racing history!

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