Amelia Island Concours and events 2017

Alex was priviliged to attend the Amelia Island events this year.

After a long journey it is always great to be in Florida and feel the warmth of the country and ofcourse of the many friends you meet.

When opening your eyes in the early morning and seeing all these nice cars on the lawn of your hotel, you know you're in automotive heaven!

Cars flying (slowly ;-)) around everywhere.

From Bonhams onwards to breakfeast with the Gooding's, to drinks with the RM guys. Friday and saturday evening was RM and Saturday morning Gooding. Some cars were very nice others were quite dissapointing, even more so when looking at an empty (history/restoration/ownership) file with a nice car.... You wonder why?

On saturday the Concours took place at my hotel (instead of sunday due to expected heavy rain) . I went out on 0700 on the lawn and it was already very busy with people and cars entering the grounds. For a concours that is the nicest part for me when they still drive and when you hear the sometimes amazing sounds the engine make.

Meeting friends and clients and making new friends that is what these events are for.

We bought a very nice car for a friend and we tried to buy some more but we had no further luck.

I also went to have a look at a special Porsche event (Werks Reunion) but was dissapointed by the amount of classic 911 and 356's, but there may have been a 1000 regular modern Porsche. Nice to see that these owners also like to be at a Porsche event.

Apart from the big auctions, some smaller and newer auction houses had their events around the concours. Fun to see and amazing to see quite a few cars fresh in from Europe still on their Italian or Dutch plates.

At the concours there were very exciting cars and an impressive Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 won best of show. Although the way everything shone was more to American than Alfa Romeo standards.

Nice 250 SWB did not want to go home with me.

After 4 days of Florida it was time to go back but i am sure i will be back here again! Florida I miss you already..

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