Jaguar MKII 1961 3.8 Litre Manual Overdrive 1961 Dark Blue

Model history

The Mark I Jaguar (or 2.4 litre as it was originally known) was launched at the Motor Show in 1955 as the first small Jaguar saloon since the demise of the 1.5 litre. The 2.4 brought a new era to Jaguar’s fortunes, the model becoming an immediate success on the road. By 1959 the Mark I was becoming a little long in the tooth, so Jaguar totally redesigned the basic concept and in October launched the mark II version. Although it looked similar in many ways, it was an entirely different motor car in performance, handling styling and character. There is no doubt that the Mark II's were much improved and refined models.

The cars were so sought after that long waiting lists developed, and secondhand values for the first few years remained high at a time when other Jaguar models were depreciating at an alarming rate.

The Jaguar Mark II was available from the start with three engine configurations: 2.4, 3.4 (both from the Mark I series) and new 3.8 versions. The 3.8 Litre with 220bhp, subsequently became - and still is - the most sought after, and soon gained the accolade of being the fastest production saloon car in the world during the early sixties.

With totally reworked bodywork and interior, the Mark II was a truly wonderful car for the time and ahead of all its rivals. It was definitely the sports saloon to be seen in. Basically the BMW 3 series hot car for the sixties.

This example

This wonderful Jaguar Mark II 3.8 Litre Manual Overdrive from 1961 is an older repaint which still looks very good with only a few minor blemishes. The chrome is very nice and the rear bumper has been replaced. The panel fit is excellent and the car shows no rust issues.

The doors close themselves from only a short distance showing the undisturbed panel fit. The interior has been retrimmed with new carpets and new leather. The woodwork has been revarnished and looks splendid.

With a slight push on the starter button the engine purrs to life with no smoke and excellent oil pressure. If you push the accelerator the car thrusts forward showing plenty power and torque! The Moss gearbox is fairly silent and works well.

Enjoy this lovely example. The current owner acquired the car in 2001 and took great care for it since. A matching nr example in the best configuration of 3.8 Litre 210 bhp and manual gearbox with overdrive.

Dutch registered and well maintained.

Price is Euro 39.995,-.

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