AC Aceca 1955

Model History

In 1904 John Portwine, a wealthy butcher, and John Weller, a gifted young engineer, formed Auto Carriers Ltd. AC has since produced some of the most desirable British cars, particulary during the 1950s and 1960s.

The AC Aceca was introduced in 1954 at the Earls Court Motor Show as the coupe variant of the AC Ace. Only 151 AC Aceca’s were built between 1954-1963. Originally the car had a 2.6 litre straight-6 cilinder engine with 3 SU carburetors. From 1956, a similar but two litre Bristol engine was available for both the AC Ace and Aceca.

These cars became particularly successful in competition and used by many drivers at the outset of their careers. The AC Ace and Aceca took bends, curves and corners without protest with the foot kept down. The Aceca was a hand-built GT in the British tradition. These cars have a tubular chassis and a lightweight alloy body.

This example

According to the AC Owner’s Club, this specific AC Aceca was originally delivered in black with a green interior trim. This great GT was owned by Mr. K Jefferson from Warwickshire, UK.

In 1996 the car was exported to the Netherlands and registered here and moved back to England in 2009. The car was sold to a Mr. J. Miers from Ashtead, just outside London. Mr. Miers later sold the car to Mr. P. Barber from Didsbury, Manchester, UK.

Mr. Barber decided to repaint the car in brisk orange and took great care of her. All the work is well documented with many invoices. In the period 2015-2017, more than 25.000 pound was spend to bring this AC in great condition. Among others, the engine, gearbox and brakes were overhauled. The steering box was rebuilt and new clutch and fan were installed.

This matching number Aceca is a real pleasure to drive. Smooth, power concentrated in a compact chassis of advanced design that maintains high average speeds by its safe, positive handling and instant response on the winding.

The AC Aceca is a rare gentlemen’s GT from the fifties. With the car comes a nice history file, including many invoices and old Dutch registration papers from 1996. The car has seen little use in the past 4 years and will require a service which we can perform in our workshop for a new caretaker.

The car has UK V5 papers or can be delivered on Dutch papers.

Price is Euro 115.000,-.

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