Lancia Flaminia Super Sport 2.8 3C Zagato 1966

Model history

The Lancia Flaminia, named after the Via Flaminia, the road leading from Rome to Rimini, was produced from 1957 to 1970. It was Lancia’s flagship at that time, replacing the Aurelia. Throughout its lifetime it saw various versions as saloons, coupés and cabriolets. Even four stretched presidential limousines were built by Pininfarina for state occasions. The Flaminia coupé and convertible were coachbuilt cars with bodies from several prestigious Italian coachbuilders. The coupé models outsold the four-door Berlina, which was a rare occurrence at the time, considering the coupés were considerably more expensive.

Many regarded the Lancia Flaminia Zagato as Zagato’s best and most balanced design. The Zagato model looked very aerodynamic in aluminium, with headlamps faired into the body and a double bubble roof, when it was displayed at the Lancia stand at the Turin motor show in 1958. The first Flaminia Zagato’s were the most streamlined version, complete with faired-in headlamps. From 1960, vertical lamps were introduced.

The ultimate Flaminia came when Zagato facelifted the original car into the Super Sport. This model featured a sharply defined rear-end and the return of recessed headlamps. The aerodynamics were further improved and complemented by Weber 40 DCN carburetors. The rear of the Super Sport shows evidence of the contemporary aerodynamic trend of following professors Kamm’s cut off tail.

The fastest Flaminia engine was the 3C, standing for three carburetors. With some fine tuning, the 2.8 litre ultimate Super Sport engine produced 152bhp and was capable of over 210 km/h.

A Flaminia Zagato in competition trim gave about 165bhp and the Flaminia’s enjoyed some success in competition.

This example

This particular Flaminia Super Sport Zagato is one of approximately 150 examples produced with the Zagato Double Bubble coachwork. A late production example with 2.8 liter engine, triple carburetors, and recessed headlights, this car represents the ultimate of the model’s development.

The current owner acquired the car a few years ago when imported from Italy and had major maintenance done at renowned specialists of Strada e Corsa. After finishing the car performed well on a great trip to Italy.

The car is in the Zagato register and Lancia Registro Storico. Dutch registered and APK (like MOT/TUV/CT).

Price is a very affordable 250.000 Euro.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire such a rare and nice Super Sport Zagato model.

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