Lancia Flaminia 3C 2500 Touring Convertible 1962

Model history

The Lancia Flaminia, named after the Via Flaminia, the road leading from Rome to Rimini, was produced from 1957 to 1970. It was Lancia’s flagship at that time, replacing the Aurelia. Throughout its lifetime it saw various versions as saloons, coupés and cabriolets. Even four stretched presidential limousines were built by Pininfarina for state occasions. The Flaminia coupé and convertible were coachbuilt cars with bodies from several prestigious Italian coachbuilders. The coupé models outsold the four-door Berlina, which was a rare occurrence at the time, considering the coupés were considerably more expensive.

Carrozzeria Touring designed and built the aluminum bodied two-door versions of the Flaminia. First offered as a closed two-seater coupe (GT), it became available later as an open two-seater (Convertibile) or a closed 2+2 (GTL) as well. The wheelbase was decreased significantly for the GT and Convertibile, allowing for a maximum of two seats to be mounted. The GTL, introduced in 1962, was a 2+2 version of the GT with a slightly longer wheelbase and a higher roofline.

In 1961, when Pininfarina models were equipped with their 3B 119hp 2.5 liter engine engine with one triple carburetor, the Touring models gained an induction layout with three double-choke Weber carburetors which raised power to 140hp. The weight reduction of 200kg made possible by the typical Superleggera Touring bodywork with aluminum panels places over a light steel frame helped acceleration.

Touring models can be easily distinguished by their external trademark double headlights and large, triangular tail-lamps. The interior featured two nicely shaped seats and the dashboard of all Touring models was symmetrical in its architecture, with two large-diameter instruments. The Lancia Flaminia Touring looked as elegant as an Italian Sportscars of the sixties could be, owing to an exceptionally low waistline.

The Lancia Flaminia Touring Convertible was in production until 1964 and only 246 Lancia Flaminia Touring 3C 2500 Convertibles were built.

This example

This elegant Flaminia Convertible with Touring bodywork was sold new in Italy and would remain there until acquired by its current owner in 2014. Ownership changed from Mr. Martini in Carpi to Mr. Scattone in Roma to Mr. Belli in Empoli. The last Italian owner, Mr. Toraldo from Perugia, owned the car from 2007 until it was sold to the current Dutch owner in June 2014.

The car looked nice but underneath some rust was found and the owner decided then to go all the way and properly restore the bodywork as its quite a complex structure for the aluminium body. The well documented work cost 64.000 Euro for the bodywork alone!

Everything from brakes to suspension underneath the car was all renewed or repaired. The engine was taken apart and checked as was the gearbox which shifts really well and the combine differential which is quiet.

After the ground-up restoration the car has only just had its first running in outings and is not only a pleasure to look at but also to drive.

The lovely and rare Lancia comes with an extensive documentation file and the car was given the ASI Oro certificate in 1993 by the Italian Automotoclub Storico (ASI). Then again in 1997 and again in 2007. She is Dutch registered and has current APK (MOT/TUV/CT). Mileage recorded is 73.685km on clock.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a very elegant Lancia Flaminia 3C 2500 Touring Convertible in excellent condition.

Dutch registration and APK (like TUV/CT/MOT).

Price is a very tempting 128.750,- Euro.

Do ask for our walk around video or more pictures as required.

Please call for information Tel +31 252-218980 or email us at [email protected]

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